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NOTE The following is an adaptation from the soon to be released book ‘Letters From 2030’. To register interest on its release, or to order a copy email Bob Williamson via this link.

He had been able to leave his communication system on now for several hours as he replayed and watched the memories of Randell as the Bald Eagle of his past did once more fly over Independence Virginia. If only Randell could see what he could on his memory monitors; it would fill that part of his heart that yearned for 2022 when the last eagle had finally become extinct.

The incoming transmission caught him by surprise. He knew her face from Anthony’s hologramletters when he had found her crying see where he was now incarcerated in isolation on the other side of the world.
She had addressed it formally to him.

Jan. 12th 2030:

To: Bob Williamson
Author Activist
ZERO Greenhouse Emissions -The Day the Lights Went Out – Our Future World

From: Rosetta Effloresco (Rosa)
Alpha Leader Project Eden
Alaska Division

Mr. Williamson:

I am a great fan of yours. Your writings helped to change my life. During my freshman year in college, New Orleans was once again hit by a storm surge generated by hurricane Kathy, the eleventh out of fourteen hurricanes that season. It had become rather a vogue fashion for the more affluent collegians to assist in humanitarian actions as the surges were becoming a frequent occurrence, a means to padding one’s future resumes you see. One evening after my friends had retreated to a campfire to drink and pat each other on their backs, I was sitting alone when the full impact of the devastation and horror that these people were facing dawned upon me for the first time. The assistant Professor of our group came over and set down beside me. I remember it like it was yesterday, as he put his arm around me and said “It is enlightening and depressing when the scales of polite society fall away from one’s eyes.” He then handed me a well-read copy of your book. I devoured it. The next semester, to the disgust of my family I changed my business executive major to paleoclimatology, and have never looked back upon the narrow-minded viewpoints of materialistic society. So, I write to you today rather perplexed as project Eden has gone off track and I find myself somewhat lost for solutions. I have spoken with Anthony and know you two worked together in the past. So, let me explain to you what project Eden is all about.

First however, the other night Anthony invited Patricia and me to have dinner with him and discuss what role we would allow for faith-based practices (preaching) to have at the compound. This was another one of his subterfuges, as he operates by a feint within a feint, very irritating to say the least. If he just came out and said what was on his mind, as opposed to trying to control the situation. Don’t get me wrong. The people here elected him as the primary leader, for now. He set up the triumphant of power between the civilian, science and militant positions. Actually, he is a good leader. I get this feeling although that he would rather be a hermit on a hill. He is fine in small groups or leading a large discussion. Other than that he seems to melt into the background when four or more people collect. Often when I, or Jay, his son, are conducting meetings, we look around to get his input and he’s gone only to be found later wondering around in a horticulture lab tending to the plants, and of course wanting a full report on what happened. Like I said, he is a weird man and very infuriating!

So anyway sir, can I call you Bob, it is almost as if I know you? Having fixed us an outstandingly seasoned vegan meal, why he still eats meat, I have no idea! He offered to carry out the dishes to the galley. Before he left however, he mentioned that he and you were in contact and had been old associates back in the first decade of the century. He wanted to share a transmission with us from you. That manipulator had this set up, as you came on, speaking to Katey/Patricia, she turned pale. I of course know who she is. All of us with Project Eden have alternate personas and were supposed to employ them whenever we encountered outsiders. When we met the J-Squad, we were actually on a rescue mission trying to convince our doctor to come back to the compound and do her work here. She had set up a clinic at Juneau and was helping those who struggled north. With regret we found her, the marauders had visited her and well, she was a comely woman. We found ourselves set upon by marauders and were very happy that Anthony and his group came along. With all the stress of the moment and losing Doc, Katey was the only one who kept her senses about her and switched to the alternate persona when introducing herself.

So, there you were blowing her cover so to speak. She stormed out of the room with me right on her heels to calm her down. There, in the hall, outside the door stood Anthony. Katey glared at him, slapped him across the face and stormed off. “Well, that went better than I thought,” he said. “Please, we have things to discuss Rosa, come back in and let’s talk.” After a lengthy discussion I agreed to speak with Katey in the morning. I do agree. We should all put our cards on the table and Anthony needs access to everything that this project has to offer.

Project Eden: Well, how to give you a condensed version of what this is all about. Late in 2009 after the Copenhagen meeting on climate change, it became apparent to many leaders around the globe that Abrupt Climate Change would overtake humanity unless a technical solution could be found, as finger pointing and criticism were the only things the representatives had in common. (Now we know how the geoengineering project turned out, it expedited the process.) So, drastic times deserved drastic measures as they say. It was determined that five locations around the globe would be turned into bunkers that could, if needed, attempt to reseed the planet. Conspiracy theorists could’ve never concocted such a plan. Number one, the sites had to already exist, underground and at elevations that would remain dry in the advent of a 120-foot sea level rise. The original number was 300 feet, but five such sites could not be found. The HAARP complex, a military-industrial compound was picked for the Americas. The other four are in Norway, the Himalayas, Switzerland, and the Vehoyanak Range. Two of these are of course located in the badlands. The remaining three are located well above the 45-degree latitude line, as it was speculated that Abrupt Climate Change would usher in an ancient weather pattern that many paleoclimatologists believe once existed. So far this pattern is holding, the atmospheric climate patterns over the poles maintain a very liveable atmospheric condition. Of course the oceans are still churning and mixing; Cyanobacteria blooms are evidence of this. We can be grateful that we don’t have the high sulphuric rains here that the badlands suffer through.

The overall mission of Project Eden was to help any survivors indirectly, establish a new foundation upon which humanity could repopulate the globe. The means to do this was through sustainable Earth First Practices of husbandry and somehow engender Earth First Principles within the surviving population. It was much easier when discussed in principle with a power point presentation. We complained about the usage of GM organisms for this project. But we soon came to realize that if the new weather patterns established, crops that could adapt to the new lighting conditions would have become imperative. So a project was launched, Viki was already researching this field and was recruited for the team to modify vegetables that could self pollinate like Orchids, some limited success has been achieved. Katey works on a secret bee project in one of the off limit tunnels. We have managed to release some bees for the last three years and they have succeeded in pollinating the vegetables we have put out.

All of the Eden Compounds consist of five female professionals; a paleoclimatologist, botanist, biochemist and a doctor. The fifth member could come from any discipline of study as long as they excelled at fighting for the cause of environmental principles. Katey fills this position here. These individuals were trained to be the security specialists for the individual compounds. They were to act as the group conscious, the voice of Gaia in the ear of the leaders, the paleoclimatologists of Project Eden.

We were to either recruit from the survivors and train people as our replacements find mates and raise children to carry on, or move forward with artificial insemination, as the compounds have in storage semen from some of the leading minds upon the globe. In reality of course things work out differently. As I have stated, we have lost our doctor. She revolted against so many of the plans almost right from the start. I believe the lost of so much of humanity and seeing the victims of the plagues, the millions of lives that were lost here in Alaska, were too much for her to bare. I only hope the other four compounds are having better success with the plan.

So, here I am, stuck with what I consider an antisocial leader of a group of militants and a rag tag collection of individuals. They, the others as Anthony calls them, are hardly the pick of humanity. Viki has had difficultly training some of them to hand pollinate, not a difficult task. I have felt rather helpless since we lost Doc. It is my hope, Mr. Williamson; Bob, that you can act as a second voice of reason for me. Maybe together we can bring Katey back to the program as well. Since shortly after the J-Squad got here she has been at odds with me. I think somewhere in her past is a fallen soldier, someone, that has caused her pain and distrust of anything militant. Perhaps it is only a scientist’s rejection of violence. I don’t know.

What I do know is this. We could’ve never envisioned such a world as we have created, together with Anthony, Katey, Jay, myself; and hopefully you from a distance. We can still achieve some good in helping to mould a better world, a better humanity.

With my profound respects.

Rosetta (Rosa) Effloresco
Project Eden Leader:
Alaskan Division.

More to occupy his thoughts, more issues form isolated survivors to give him puzzles to solve. How could he be of help and what should be his guidance and direction be?

Had he been wise to have risked causing conflict within the HAARP colony by identifying Patricia as Katey. Only time would now tell.


  1. Climate Patterns Past and Present:

    "Hark! The faint bells of the sunken city
    Peal once more their wonted evening chime!
    From the deep abysses floats a ditty
    Wild and wondrous, of the olden time".

    - Wilhelm Mueller, "The Sunken City", translation from the German.

  2. I have been reading your posts on 2030 regularly and they just keep getting better :). Can't wait for the book to be out!

  3. Thank you for devotion to reading Letters From 2030, of course the book is not a guranteed thing. So, stay tuned for more information and speculation of what live could be like; should we cross the tipping point of Aburpt Climate Change.

    Spread the word of this blog and hopefully we can mitigate the Climate Change already coming at us.