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The early days of the dark eyes took their roots in the years after WW2. Looking back to previous population overshoots, it was easy for anyone to understand their dark reasoning. The world could not sustain an ever increasing population. Most in the overall mix of the population were of little value save only as worker bees in the hive. The outcome there was to produce honey which couldn’t be done without them, but all served to do one thing; serve.

The problem was population overshoot and the solution was population cull. The world would reach overshoot by the end of the 20th century at just under 6 billion and from that time on every 14 years would see the world’s population growing by a further 1 billion people. A two billion overshoot would be reached by 2030. The dark eyes identified the end game ‘population cull’ to 10% of the global population by 2050. By 1960 with the booming of population after WW2, the foreseen social security costs of a worthless and growing number of aging/retiring worker bees was seen as needing to be eliminated. There was much money to be made from these in the latter part of the 20th century and early into the 21st but by 2015 the average life expectancy of the greater majority needed to have been reduced to 60/65.

Once the end game date had been set and the outcome of population cull determined, every strategy to facilitate the outcome could be set and established within the plan. Those whose activities fitted with the strategy could be supported and fostered and those that didn’t eliminated.

To achieve the end game however, a gradual conditioning and control of those to be a part of the 90% cull needed to take place. They needed comfortable distraction which included a need to believe all were working for their collective benefit and future, increasing their wealth and lifestyle. This could be initially achieved by making them feel a part of the future, and thus wanting to be willing worker bees and then by them feeling a sense of security that those in control were working for the collective good, the dark eyes could go unchallenged indeed they would be supported.

Should the end game have been revealed by the early 80’s the dark eyes would have failed, as it was easy by then to see the strategy in almost every activity of daily life, but the slow process of carcinogenic poisoning would not have taken its rightful place in the end game outcome. They knew that at a bare minimum the dawn of the 21st century needed to be reached.

An essential cornerstone of the dark eyes strategy was the Corporation. Through its charter to act for the commercial interests of its shareholders; many of them dark eyes members, it could make determinations for almost everything though economic outcomes, while spreading the seeds of the end game though all commercial, political and societal sectors to gain control with impunity.

The tobacco industry strategy was one of the earlier examples of how the strategy could succeed. While fitting well with the end game to reduce life expectancy, increase illness that could then benefit from pharmaceutical treatment – thus make money by the action and the outcome, much could be gained. The mass population strategy was – first make it sexy and prestigious to smoke, second enslave through addiction, third ensure a growing number took up the habit to make public policy on banning the use of tobacco impossible and finally with the use of profits generated and taxes raised to support government revenue, ensure ongoing support for their endeavours. By the late 80’s despite the overwhelming and open evidence of the community dangers to heath, the tobacco industry was immune to criticism or control. The masses wanted it, the governments profited from it, the shareholders were prospering from it, and the end game outcome was a perfect fit for the dark eyes strategy. The web of supporters who profited from the continuation of the tobacco industry could be seen by any casual observer, but mattered little by the end of the 20th century its end game had been achieved and its pockets were full, as were all those involved as shareholders or external stakeholders.

Every activity of the dark eyes would use the Corporation as its cloak. It’s respectability of ‘employment for the masses’ would shield it from broad criticism during the second half of the 20th century. It could use the power of the markets and the economic model for continued economic growth as a benefit to the community good, individual nations benefit and right to sovereignty, to achieve control and profit. As with the tobacco industry the plans were simple. Make the masses willing supporters by offering security through employment where their future was to benefit, allowing them to consume as much as they wished, ensured their enslavement and addiction. They too would be immune from criticism by policy makers as they were an absolute essential element in generating the revenue that kept the governments operating and nations building strength. By the end of the 20th century no government policy, however it would benefit the community as a whole, would be made without direct approval of the Corporations.

The food and agricultural dark eyes were early and essential players in the end game. Their job while profiting from a growing population of eager consumers, was to build the toxic time bomb in the food chain to facilitate the end game timetable of 2050. They could not loose in their strategy unless it was revealed early. From the 1950’s under the cloak of food and safety standards and to facilitate longer shelf life, food processing adopted the use of BPA (Bisphenol A) a key carcinogenic toxin for the lining of canned foods and drinks. The introduction of best before dates provided both an out from contamination criticism and a method of increasing consumer consumption and discard of food stuffs. The introduction of a range of food additives and preservatives into all foodstuffs had its winners and losers however with some taking adverse heath effects too early, these had to be discarded. Monosodium glutamate was one of these early losers. The use of a numbering system for food additives solved many of the early problems with consumers and resulted in the consumer becoming oblivious as to the chemical compounds being ingested by them in everyday foods. Later under the heading of lighter and more user-friendly packaging the plastics industry introduced the PET plastic bottle for foods and drinks, again using the toxic BPA as an essential element in the polymer processing. In the early 1950’s BPA was identified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a toxic compound, however under direct intervention from the dark eyes it was filed as of such small risk for single exposure to health, as to be allowed to continue. The residual build up in those affected by the consumption of canned foods wouldn’t be seen until the outcome of the end game timetable had been achieved. Many of the end game chemicals fell through this legal loophole until by 2015 it was too late to take any action.

Partnering with the petroleum industry and chemical industry dark eyes increased food and crop production, became the focus through the 60’s. Spurred on by increasing population growth and consumption rates in the developed countries billions of tonnes of chemical fertiliser were poured annually onto crops around the world. While fulfilling the purpose of higher yields and greater profits, it also fitted with the end game by introducing a new range of toxins into the food chain. Opening up more croplands for food production had multilevel benefits. More profit, more industry, more gross domestic export potential, more employment, served to denude the world of forest cover as crops became of higher value than rain forests and as savannah and grassland soils gave up their carbon content more readily, it added to the end game outcome of higher soil carbon emissions to contribute to climate change and global warming. The added benefits of this push for the use of chemical fertilisers were multilayered, one of the outcomes being the increased requirement for weed and pest control. Welcome into the end game Monsanto.

All economic and industrial activity funded by the dark eyes was designed with the end game ‘end of life’ in mind. Infrastructure was build to last until close to the end game and no further. The strategic plan only needed to support 10% of the world’s population; as a result everything was designed with end of life - end of usefulness in mind. Energy systems were built to contribute to pollution for the climate change end game and as the need for only 10% would be required past 2030/2050 only patch up work on energy systems or sustainable energy development would be considered an end game contributor.

The general populous were conditioned through the 80’s and 90’s to think of disposability and expect things not to be built to last. End of life built into every product and every service created economic activity and fed the purpose of many dark eyes members. Where an element of sustainability past 2050 was seen as an outcome it was discouraged. Examples of this were the advent of recycling whose purpose was to consume less of the finite resources available for future generations, but as there would be no requirement for conservation with only 750,000 left after 2050 this was discouraged by the dark eyes. It also didn’t fit with the economic model for increases in gross domestic product revenue at national levels, or with the now well entrenched consumption habits designed and promoted by the dark eyes to the developed nations populous. Those living in the developed nations by the dawn of the 21st century had been conditioned to accept consumption as a right of passage and status in their everyday lives. They were bombarded with subliminal messages via every media forum to upgrade their appliances, which inturn were manufactured with inbuilt obsolescence and sold to them as better, faster, improved and cheaper. Everyone benefited at all levels of the supply chain and their actions towards the end game went unquestioned. The increased consumption out of balance with any concept of infinite sustainability benefited the climate change end game by the construction of even more polluting energy sources and the burning of ever increasing volumes of finite fossil fuels in the forms of coal, oil and gas. The dependency to continue with the business as usual was justified as the cheapest and only practical approach to national economic stability for the benefit of the populations in developed nations. No one could argue, even as nations wared with others over oil supplies.

All of the problems facing the world at the end of the 20th century had the solution at hand. The solutions though didn’t fit with the end game of the dark eyes.

By 1955 immunologists had developed vaccines to rid the world of polio, TB and other life threatening diseases that plagued the third world. There were several outcomes of this that didn’t fit with the dark eyes plans. Once a disease was eliminated, no money could be made from the sale of a preventative medicine or the sale of symptoms medications. In 1960 the cure for the common cold had been stumbled upon in a small medical lab in Holland. This was of no value to the dark eyes as the sale of cold and flu medications ran into the billions world wide every year. The cure would never see the light of day. Medical research had great value to the pharmaceutical dark eyes. While controlling the outcome of what would be released it allowed them to develop treatment medication to first enslave the population and gradually develop the immunity to the drugs that would cure the illness. Building a resistance in the immune systems of the mass population needed to be achieved by the early 21st century if the end game was to be won. In the 80’s a new player entered the game HIV & AIDS. It had long been seen that many on the African continent added little financial reward to the dark eyes. There was money to be made in war for resources such as those battles fought for oil in the Middle East, but what was the commercial benefit or where did the end game benefit with military intervention in Somalia or other conflicts of a humanitarian nature.

The AID’s cure although discovered in 1984 had no part to play in the culling of the African continent. Neither did the cure for cancers that were an integral part in the goal to be achieved by 2030/50. The overall resistance to antibiotics needed to be achieved by early in the 21st century when the global population would have reached overshoot levels, so working with the other dark eyes, the banking sector linked through cross investments in the insurance and world stock markets needed to be protected at all costs. The banking sector could not be allowed to fail and was propped up by Governments world wide regardless of the final cost to be paid by countless generations. Countless generations wouldn’t with the end game achieved be of any concern; as there would be none.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


NOTE The following is an adaptation from the soon to be released book ‘Letters From 2030’. To register interest on its release, or to order a copy email Bob Williamson via this link.

February 6th 2030.

The previous day February 5th had been a turning point in his isolation. The Dark Eyes had found him and made contact. After receiving their hologramletter he had paced up and down calming his nerves and pounding heart rate. Today was time to calmly plan how he would reach out to those who were waiting for his next communication. Anthony, Katey and all those at the HAARP complex, Suzanne in her sole isolation, Mathew in New Zealand, Old Joe and Sam and so many others not yet known who were receiving his words of encouragement and hope through his transmissions. There was no choice but to keep sending his hologramletters of support to them but how? And how would he warn them that they too were in the sights of the Dark Eyes?

First he needed to lock the Dark Eyes out of any further infiltration to his system and files. Then he needed to ensure that any future hologramletter couldn’t give them direct access to his system.

He systematically went floor to floor searching for servers and spare parts that he could use to set up a security wall to his main system. He would set it up in the configuration similar to those used by the Remote Server Access Network (RSAN) that he had subscribed to in 2010. After several hours he had all the parts he needed.

The Remote Server Access Network was a world wide archive service to preserve the intelligence and memories of man well into the centuries to come. It acted like a giant vault (time capsule) whose individual client records could only be accessed after the life of those who were contributing had passed. Set with a default time lock of 100 years on the date of birth of the client, his vault would remain secure until July 20th 2053. He had set up his account at the RSAN base location of Cooper Pedi in South Australia. The area was well known for both its labyrinths of underground opal mines and its year round solar power supply.

RSAN’s sever files and all the archive accounts had encrypted access codes that were designed to be impossible to hack. He had chosen for his account name ZERO Greenhouse Emissions after the book (ZERO Greenhouse Emissions – The Day the Lights Went Out – Our Future World) that he had written that had changed the life of so many back in the first and second decades. The password had been carefully considered when setting up his account. Based on the subheading of the book OUR FUTURE WORLD he had used a three numbers back/ three letters forward/ alphabetical number/ letter system for the account password.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22


23 24 25 26

O = 12

U = X

R = 15

F = I

U = 18

T = W

U = 18

R = U

E = 2

W = Z

O = 12

R = U

L = 9

D = G

Apart from the archive service, RSAN provided clients with an incoming and outgoing secure source of communication. Outgoing messages were able to be given a transmission delay time of between 6 to 66 minutes and when transmitted, were rerouted randomly 6 to 9 times via RSAN’s 30 worldwide server sites. Incoming messages to ZERO Greenhouse Emissions.rsan similarly collected worldwide and rerouted via the network to the home base servers, could only be accessed or opened, with the password encrypted code.

He tested the servers he had collected from the lower floors. Most would only be useful for spare parts, but one had no security access code installed and was perfect for the job with 1 million gigabytes of clean capacity. His plan was that he would use this to download outgoing hologramletter recordings from the main system. He would then disconnect it before logging into his RSAN account via the new server and this would act as an impenetrable firewall.

He set up the configuration codes on the new stand alone server. The user name he set as ZERO Greenhouse Emissions – and the password would be; 12X15I18W18U2Z12U9G. To test the system he recorded a short message that he planned to send out to everyone to alert them to the Dark Eyes security breach of their systems and his.

ALERT – SECURITY BREACH – This will be my last transmission via my open access unsecured lines. I will explain later. Search for future transmissions at the call sign ZERO Greenhouse Emissions.rsan

Stay safe – stay indoors. Much hope to you. I will be in touch soon.”

He hooked up the link from his main system to the new server and downloaded the message. He then disconnected the server interface links. Now to test the RSAN transmission and receivable communications channels. He logged into his account and downloaded the hologramletter for outgoing transmission setting it to be received by his incoming mailbox. He set the time for transmission for 12 minutes and logged out.

He walked to the window; looking down onto the empty flooded streets his mind wondered once more to the motives of the Dark Eyes.

He had looked many times into the dark eyes of the collective that had now made direct contact with him. He knew of their number and their interweaved plans of control of the future for their members benefit. Some of the others around the world that now relied on his words of support and hope, wouldn’t know of their long held goals. In 2010 the majority of the 6.5 billion of the world’s population back then, either were unaware of their existence and plans, or were too complacent in their daily lives to be awoken to them. He replayed their hologramletter with the passages again sending a chill of dread down his spine.

“We know your purpose in communicating with these people is to share a little hope with them that the world can heal itself. You and I know this will never happen or that it will return to the idyllic planet of your memories. But your efforts do not conflict with ours and we may mutually benefit from your open communication with them. Time will tell. Our offer is to have you feed certain communications in order that some information gets to them that will benefit them.”


“As I said we hold no malice towards you either. You are an old man and have little time left and can do us no harm. There are others we can convince to join us in this role, so should you not wish to assist us we will not take any action against you. We can however should you cooperate with us, make the time you have left much more productive and you will learn how with our help, to get far more out of this new world. You will profit from this alliance. Give some thought to our offer and we will look forward to your positive reply.”

The reference to ‘feed certain communications in order that some information gets to them that will benefit them’ was obviously a lie. These dark eyes were the same people who had knowingly fed toxins through the food and products they peddled for profit that had systematically led to the deaths of hundreds of millions if not billions, by 2015/20. Their plans to increase the mortality rate and reduce global populations of what they saw as human lab rats started in the 1950’s when it was seen that the explosion of what was called the ‘baby boomers’ couldn’t be sustained as an aging population of none contributors. These people, of who he was one, were to be slowly poisoned out of existence. ‘Too many people not contributing – get rid of them!’ had been their unwritten law of rule.

The reference ‘we hold no malice towards you either. You are an old man and have little time left and can do us no harm.’

This reference to his age now in 2030 was true. At 77 and in failing health himself due to their stealth of feeding carcinogenic chemicals with every piece of food packaging, every steel and aluminium can, every plastic bottle, every toxic cocktail used in the products we washed with, sprayed on, or lotion and cosmetics we applied daily from the start of the chemical revolution, hidden under the cloak modern life; of consumerism and economic growth since the 1960’s, had now taken full effect. All of the chemicals built into the genetically modified foods that became the staple diet of everything from baby formulae to breakfast cereal, to the world’s daily bread had now taken effect. Even rigorous lobbying by those who knew of the dangers could not stop the avalanche of toxins entering every level of the food chain, with the GM products also being fed to the world’s livestock and fish stocks. No one could avoid the toxins and most didn’t even know they were being systematically poisoned out of existence. Even when the increases in cancers, tumours and fatal blood disorders were published, all but a few connected the dots. All of the poisons that leached into our homes and lives, into the air we breathed coming from the so called labour saving devices; from our plastic encased lives, our televisions and computers – everything made of plastic all but a few had seen the outcome. Everything designed to be used and dumped. Everything chemically treated in some way or other. Our addiction to plastic had invaded the seas by the first decade on the 21st century with its toxic cocktail of BPA in a range of polymers including those used to make plastic bottles and diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) which caused endocrine disruption that lead to cancers, birth defects, immune system suppression and developmental problems in our children. These residual toxins were fed back to us via the fish stocks of the world that had ingested them.

We saw with the onslaught of climate change and increased droughts how the soils impregnated with billions of tonnes of chemical fertilisers and tainted with the residual toxic cocktail of GM crops, washed into the river systems depriving them of oxygen resulting in the algal blooms that reached a critical global peak in Red Tides and Cyanobacteria Blooms from 2014 to 2020.

So among the dark eyes collective these long time manipulators of the culling of humanity had long since thrived. Also among their collective were the bankers who funded the global motive of economic growth at all costs. These were the backers/ mortgage holders of every global nation. The owners of the world’s governments, the ones that held the world’s debt for profit; those who worked religiously for greed, to position every world governments to be so indebted on the treadmill that every public policy by 2010, was only ever made with their direct consent and approval. These too funded the corporate dark eyes, those who deforested the world to plant even more GM crops to poison even more of a hungry and willing population locked into the illogical sleepwalk of the ‘living and business as usual’ model. Many had lost the will or desire for self determination by the end of the first decade. They would vote to continue as they always had rather than vote for change to a more sustainable future; this the political dark eyes knew. The dark eyes fostered openly the ‘live for today, tomorrow never comes’ attitude. It was sold to us in every product built to be thrown away, and products not able to be repaired. To be replaced with a better model or a cheaper alternative. To be bought on credit to be paid for into the future. ‘Get it now pay later’ had been the slogan of industry and of course their dark eyed colleagues, the Bankers.

The dark eyes of the early 21st century and their predecessors back in the 1950’s knew that climate change and global warming would take its toll on several billion of the world’s population, so they funded the economic growth and pollution of the world’s atmosphere with the relentless burning of fossil fuels. Every coal fired power station to fuel the economic growth and every economic activity however short lived the prospect. If it succeeded the dark eyes profited and if it failed they profited from the indebtedness. ‘Make money on a rising or falling stock’ was another key to their business plans and to their plans to control nations.

They knew that by 2050 their plan to reduce the global population needed to have eliminated 90% of those 7 billion living in 2010 to slow poisoning although a long term plan (a hundred year time frame 1950 to 2050) it had succeeded by 2030 with an estimated 750,000 now still surviving. There were many in this number who still had no place in their future plans and as he looked down on the empty streets below he knew he was amongst this number.

What was now needed was to alert those others that had no place in the dark eyes future to the new peril ready to attack.

He would spend time going through his archived research of the dark eyes 1950 to 2030 plans and detail their motive and design to all those left eking out survival around the world. This would form a new focus to his daily routine, there was much to review, analyse and relay. One thing was without doubt, their motive had not changed and their plans had succeeded.

It was time to log back in to the RSAN service to see if his test transmission had been sent and then received back into the account.

He switched on the stand alone server and entered the account name and password. ZERO Greenhouse Emissions - 12X15I18W18U2Z12U9G, there it was a single hologramletter. He downloaded it, logged out and transferred the message to his main system. He then disconnected the interface link. It was somehow strange to see his own image materialise as a hologram on the horizontal monitor. His face was drawn and pale, his stance somehow stooped from how he had once been, or even thought he now was. Like listening to a recording of your own voice he thought, it wasn’t what he had expected he would look like.

When making the recording he had attempted to make his transmission urgent and concerned but also comforting to those who would receive it, knowing he would not give up in his support of them, or the hope for a better future.

Had the global population woken up in the first decade to what the future held without their collective outcry for change, not only would he not be standing where he was today in 2030, but the plans of the dark eyes would have failed. All academic now, he thought to himself.

He knew the dark eyes would also receive the transmission and with it, they would have his answer to their offer of collusion. At least with such a short hologramletter transmission they would have no time to do any further hacking of his files. He felt sure they would not have had any access to his research on them, as these records were also in encrypted archive documents within his system.

He loaded the recorded message onto the outgoing transmission file, turned the system to transmit and pushed the send key.

ALERT – SECURITY BREACH – This will be my last transmission via my open access unsecured lines. I will explain later. Search for future transmissions at the call sign ZERO Greenhouse Emissions.rsan

Stay safe – stay indoors. Much hope to you. I will be in touch soon.”

In ten seconds the transmission had gone and the system was taken off line. This would be his last hologramletter to go out via the unsecured line the lights dimmed and went black. He would somehow miss that part of his day where the incoming transmission light flickered, where he would wait eagerly to see who was reaching out. Was this a welcome technology advance, or was it a further distance between his close contacts; with those he too had become dependent on for daily support?