Sunday, April 26, 2009


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NOTE The following is an adaptation from the soon to be released book ‘Letters From 2030’. To register interest on its release, or to order a copy email Bob Williamson via this link.

The troubling delay in receiving his hologramletter from Anthony had played heavily on his mind. The energy storage needed to maintain his communications systems was draining far too quickly. If he was to maintain access to the touch screens where the virtual tour of the memories and current images relayed in the letters could be seen, this had to be rectified. His only link to those he relied upon to maintain his sanity in the isolation of his lonely existence must be the focus of his efforts, until all these power supply issues were resolved.

He worked throughout that day and well into the evening, to link into the solar storage cells the additional turbine energy, from the solar mirrors and vertical ducting he had constructed on each side of the building commencing at the 5th floor level. As the mirrors heated the air it surged upwards along the 15 stories of ducts turning the turbines he had secured inside, at each of the levels. The additional photovoltaic cells he had collected, that once lay idle were now showing signs of life as they charged. If only, he pondered; the Earth would spring back to its vibrant and healthy diversity in such a way, with the devastated ecosystems destroyed by mans folly over the last 21 years, fighting back and renewing their balance. The balance that had lasted for millions of years before the invasive species of man had determined its demise with complacency.

His challenging construction now fully commissioned and supplying 10 times the energy storage of the roof top solar panels alone, he wondered if like the unexpected letter from old Cesar in New Orleans, whether other hologramletters might now be captured.

He switched on the monitors and loaded the last communication from Suzanne. She would need his help with the challenges she faced and his reassurance that she was not alone in her hopes and visions for those that might survive and come after us..............

Suzanne you lighten my heart and bring me much needed joy with your hologramletters. I hope that my delay in replying didn’t cause you any anxiety. I now have the additional power supply and storage I have been working on to maintain my regular contact with you and others around the world.

I hope the exhaust fumes that escaped from the ruptured ducting have not contaminated your food supply or the plants you have nurtured. It will be much safer for you, when you have the solar panels rigged up. As you and I lobbied back in the second decade of this century, had we given up our addiction to energy generation mostly by coal and oil, we would not be where we now are; and millions more may still be with us. I still don’t get the logic they employed. How did they manage to convince the world that by burning a gallon of gas and in doing so emitting 9 lbs of CO2 as pollution was ok for us?

In your last hologramletter you skipped over the outcomes of your change of lifestyle and its impact in mitigating your environmental footprint. Never forget the good you did for others in rejecting the ‘business and living as usual model’ accepted, so complacently by the majority. Your ‘mid-course correction’ your epiphany as an aware citizen of our shared planet gave direction and vision to so many over the last two decades. You are a true and caring warrior for Earth. You walked lighter on this earth by your decisions to reject the illogical sleepwalk of the majority. You gave much more than you took from Mother Earth. You never gave up. You had the vision and the passion for your fellow man, woman and child that most had abandoned. In your words and in your eyes, I see this has never wavered; even for a second and even with the many trials you now endure daily.

I was pleased to hear you still have the book. In your continuing resolve remember the words I wrote at the end, and let it give you pride in the way you have gently walked on the earth over the last 21 years.

Do you remember it? I wrote;

‘With foresight, I thank and acknowledge you in life’s future. With you there can be success and a happy ending. You are the single most important person in the script of history yet to be written. The credit will be yours. Theodore Roosevelt wrote:

It is not the critic who counts;
nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbled;
or where the doer of deeds could have done better.

The credit belongs to those who are actually in the arena;
whose faces are marred by dust and sweat and blood;
who strive valiantly;
who err and fall short again and again;
who know the great enthusiasms;
the great devotions;
and spend themselves in a worthy cause;
who at the best know in the end the triumph of high achievement;
and who at worst, if they fail,
at least fail while daring greatly;
so that their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls
who know neither victory nor defeat.’

Until next time….Stay safe – stay indoors. Much hope to you.

Having completed his message to Suzanne he activated the transmission switch. The message reaching out around the world to Suzanne went on its way. The incoming hologramletter materialised on the horizontal screen.

He looked upon the face of one of his closest and dearest friends of many years. The man he called his ‘brother-in-arms’ for the good of Earth. Randell still wearing the familiar old baseball cap looked back as he had done so many times. Age had not wearied his passion as it had that cap and his tired frame. But he was still the man of hope he had always been. A man on a mission to do all that he could, for the good of Earth.


This morning I woke to the scream of a Bald Eagle!

I ran out to see if one had indeed survived and was flying in the sky. The sound it turned out; was only in my mind, there was nothing to see in the sad grey sky.

I returned inside once more wishing that there had been an eagle in the sky. I would love to once more see an eagle soar over Independence Virginia, but I know as you once said; their day for the death of birth, has long since gone.

Bob I recall meeting you on twitter back in 2008 and being inspired by you to do more to save my Earth from the pollution of greenhouse gases. I wish now more of the once 3 million listeners to my radio show back then would’ve paid more attention to you and me; as we gave them great advice back then.

I was a young 38 then now in 2030 I’m a 60 year old radio host who has only around 1,400 listeners still out there. A real shame that only these few are living now in the single pocket of population in Virginia.

The once lush green mountains are gone now Bob, only decaying remains of trees stand. The river I fished in as a young man now only has a few water snakes in it, the trout and muskie I used to love are gone. The only green growth is in my greenhouse where I grow food to feed me and my pets.

He could see the beautiful visions of the mountains of the past in all nature’s glory and the reality of now, as Randell relayed his memories. He now looked as through Randell’s eyes at the scenes of the tortured countryside that was now Independence Virginia in 2030.

Bob you and I both told the Governments of the world that they had better cut out all greenhouse gases but they never listened until it was ten years to late to do anything. I wish to God more leaders would have paid attention to us and not the big oil an gas lobby. Big oil's money has killed Earth. Their greed and lust for the almighty dollar drove a knife blade deep into the heart of Earth.

The days are numbered for me now my friend as are my vivid memories of the fact that nobody seemed to listen to what you and I were trying to teach them. I feel so sad that my voice was not heard, that my years of pushing for solar power, and electric cars were all in vain, as money from big oil bought off the governments of Earth.

I will end with this raised voice Bob –

“Big oil screwed us out of our planet, big oil I hope you’re happy for the hell you put this planet in!”

Your friend
Randell Byrd

That’s my buddy he thought as he heard his rebel yell – you tell them my friend; and do it loud.


  1. It’s not only BIG OIL, its BIG COAL too and all the corrupt politicians in their pockets.

    You yell rebel and maybe I’ll still be around to be one of them listeners in 2030

  2. Lets add Forestry to that list, we must stop the unslaught of deforestation upon the globe soon, very soon.

    The comment on mankind being the invasive species is truthful. Randell Byrd, keep screaming,at least you have the ethical tendency to speak the truth and a great position to expell it from.