Wednesday, May 27, 2009


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NOTE The following is an adaptation from the soon to be released book ‘Letters From 2030’. To register interest on its release, or to order a copy email Bob Williamson via this link.

He had thought through his reply to Victor and was ready to reach out to him to encourage his spirits and rekindle his flame by telling him of others still fighting the good fight, when the incoming transmission light flickered. His spirits soared as he looked into to the laughing eyes of Suzanne.

Dear Bob,

As I've been putting together all my memories from the past, I'm sitting here today in just sheer amazement by the things we've lived through. Our perception of it all is so different when we're living through events. We have a natural instinct for survival that drives us onward. If someone were to tell me 20 years ago I would have made it this far with knowing what was to come; I would have laughed in their face. Not because of the inability to perceive all the trials I was about to endure, but because I felt I wasn't strong enough to endure it.

Looking back, living in the Sonoran desert was, at the time, somewhat of a surreal dream for me. The beauty of the desert and what I had hoped the future would bring in my life at that time is vastly different from what we now find ourselves so desperately trying to survive in. I was so enamoured with the desert, that I hadn't done the homework I should have before moving; though even if I had, it wouldn't have changed my mind even for a second. It was where I had to be... anyway... I learned after moving, that Phoenix had, at that time, been in a drought of close to a decade and still running; but as I said, I had been drawn to the beauty of it so strongly (for years), it was where I had to be. Once I was there, for the first time in my life, I felt I was home.

I was still in what I would call my infancy in learning about the climate change and global warming, what my carbon footprint was in the sands of time, and what I could do to make a difference. Living green and global awareness was growing in the lives of the world. The Green movement continued to grow-- even though it was only a very small percentage of the world, we were beginning to open our minds and eyes to what was happening, a precious few were listening and spreading the word to the scientific data that had been presented for decades now and continually being updated. You heard it everywhere you went. It seemed that with all the eco friendly products, we could make the difference needed, but the changes that were occurring in our world were escalating faster than ever anticipated. It was too little, and far, far too late.

There were studies and projections in the 1990s that had detailed the changes of the earth, and when they were expected to occur at the then rate of change in ocean currents, climate changes, and of course the increasing emissions our societies were spewing into the atmosphere at grossly obscene rates. Even then it couldn't be anticipated that the changes would increase exponentially within less than a decade. The study in the '90s of course projected the changes much more gradually, even as little as over 50-100 years, but not those we would have ever dreamed to start having such an impact in as little as a decade.

When another study was done in 2009 so many more factors were included. The study used the MIT Integrated Global Systems Model - each test they ran (400 in this study) had about an equal probability of being correct. Each time as with any study, they were looking for possible outcomes and solutions; the data they were using slightly varied, but even as such, the numbers and results painted a grave picture for the future of our world. Those results of course were based on the observations and knowledge we had at that time. What seemed so amazing to me then, and still now, was that the MIT model was the only one that was interactive. It included details for possible changes including human activities, economic growth, associated energy use, and how it would be depicted in different countries. It was so detailed! How could the Governments not listen? How could they see what was happening and not want to make changes? I still sit in awe at everything that was contained in that study. Did it influence the minds of the world to wake up and make change? Would we be living as we do now if it had? I don't believe we would. It was blatantly insignificant to the politicians and leaders of the world because, as we know now, they didn't do a damn thing with any show of courage or conviction to create and change policies that would have the effect needed for a sustainable earth. There were particular parts of that article that, if nothing else was listened to, should have been:

While the outcomes in the "no policy" projections now look much worse than before, there is less change from previous work in the projected outcomes if strong policies are put in place now to drastically curb greenhouse gas emissions. Without action, "there is significantly more risk than we previously estimated," Prinn says."This increases the urgency for significant policy action."
"There's no way the world can or should take these risks," Prinn says. And the odds indicated by this modelling may actually understate the problem, because the model does not fully incorporate other positive feedbacks that can occur, for example, if increased temperatures caused a large-scale melting of permafrost in arctic regions and subsequent release of large quantities of methane, a very potent greenhouse gas. Including that feedback "is just going to make it worse," Prinn says.

It's funny when we take the time to think back; I remember even as a child, taught to think 3 steps ahead, plan ahead, but yet live in the moment. We were living in the moment alright, but where was the planning for the future? Weren't our politicians and officials supposed to be the voices of unity to create that envisioned future of sustainability? All the changes that we were pushing and shouting to be heard and change implemented by our elected leaders... those that were chosen by US, as a collective united society... these Government Officials, the Politicians who were put into offices to protect us, guide us in positive movements, failed us!! They were to be the roll models, the parents, and we were the children to learn and benefit from their knowledge... we depended on them as any child depends on their mother and father to learn right from wrong, good from bad. What happened to "we the people" so that our voices could be heard? We were smothered, suffocated, isolated into single voices crying out our pleas.

We were working toward making change, but with change and progress, it's always a slow process. Cities like Phoenix were among the first to be considered eco-friendly. There had been an interview of the ASU Environmental Awareness Dept Head I recall watching. He was sombre and reserved, yet inspiring with his recitation of how Phoenix was to be one of the first, if not the first, most environmentally friendly city in the world. Even those projections and changes didn't come fast enough... Change just was not something that could happen as quickly as it needed to. It took time to create the sustainable and renewable energy sources -- and we were already out of time.

The lack of aggressiveness by the world to change their ways- over and over again - is more than evidence enough of the pitifully limited vision of foresight that mankind is and was capable of. The ignorant leading the blind - the politicians refused to admit, acknowledge and do something; the people of the world continued on with the blinders the governments had placed over their eyes to shield them from the truth or let them make the decision and use their voice for change. So we continued in our oblivious lives, unwilling, to learn and without knowing what was about to erupt around us.

Birds starting turning up dead by the hundreds and thousands on coastlines. Scientists asked why? Why have they all starved to death and not made the journeys they have made for centuries until now? Thousands turned into millions...lives lost; "but they were just birds," cried the politicians! Is a life not a life?? Are we not all the inhabitants of this world? This was the last wake up call mother nature would send us before the "natural disasters" became not so much an anomaly occurrence, but monthly, then weekly and daily events. Again people would question, "Why???" -- "Why is this happening???" -- "What's going on???" -- The Governments and Politicians clammed the information up even tighter because "they" didn't want input from the masses; scientists were pleading, no longer reporting the evidence of studies and data... pleading for change, but it was too late. More recollection on those issues another time...

I close this letter to you my dear friend, still with hope; and the strength that I've found in myself over these years... with thoughts of much hope and bright smiles that even through the toughest of times, we continue to have ~ because we are here, we have survived, and we will continue to fight the good fight; and when it's time for us to leave this earth, we will be able to do so smiling because we tried, we made a difference, we didn't become despondent in even our darkest hours.

As always ~ ever in friendship,
Suzanne :)

He flicked the outgoing transmission to Victor and once finished, he replayed Suzanne’s hologramletter to look back on the desert vista she had once loved so much.


We have but one life, but we have many; we have but one time, but we have many. We can but physically touch those we care for, but we can touch many.

We can reach out, as you do, and touch many. There are fewer like you and I whose hearts can reach out now; but there are many that you and I can still reach. I will ensure your feelings your memories and your struggle reach out.

I have contact with some of the remaining Earth warriers who still try to reach out to others. I recently made contact with Anthony who you know and trust. He's held up in the far north of Alaska. I can’t reveal his exact location as he's besieged with marauders who have plagued his HAARP compound and his fellow survivors for quite some time, but I will relay your hologramletter message to him.

I have a long time supporter in Suzanne who continues to lighten my days with her smiles and hope. She is fighting still, as you are. We are contacted by many, so don’t feel you're alone in your struggle. When last we spoke back in 2012 you were resigned to the outcome of the Kyoto agreement. I admit I had little hope the global political community would do what was needed and what we all hoped. I held out until the last days of the negotiations. Well not negotiations as we know now, more like corrupt conspiracy of the vested commercial interests who controlled the governments of the planet.

What was it my friend that we failed to see? What was it that many did not understand? Why did they ask the person in the street the wrong questions as to the future they wanted to secure for their families the ones they cared for?

We will never now know.

Patricia and Alex and how they played in the memory screens as you spoke brought back such joy to you and to me. You will never loose those feelings and we will revisit them through our dreams and hopes for the future. Suzanne once shared this with me, it has brought me some comfort over the years, as I hope it will now bring to you as well:

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, but love... Love leaves a memory no one can steal."

When you rest and sleep tonight in the dreams of the past and your hope for the future, be assured I will be looking back on those days and asking the question I have now asked since the Big Thunder on Greenland and the loss of the Ross Ice Shelf in 2014, when the outcome of mans folly and complacency killed billions. Why did we not listen to the past that laid out the future; when did we stop listening to our logic and hearts?

Until tomorrow… Stay safe – stay indoors. Much hope to you.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


New visitors to the chronicles from the future may first wish to visit the past, by reading the earlier hologramletters. (see the older listings on the right, go to the bottom and click the link to the earlier hologramletters)

NOTE The following is an adaptation from the soon to be released book ‘Letters From 2030’. To register interest on its release, or to order a copy email Bob Williamson via this link.

Seeing Alex and Patricia once more as they were in Victor’s memories, took him back in his. He had once asked the question of all that he met, as he asked in his book…. “What do we owe our children?”

He had penned……… and now in the quiet of his solitude he would speak those works again to all that may hear. That they might now answer that question; and hold on tight. He switched on the outgoing hologramletter transmission to share his “What did we owe our children?”

There was a native American Indian saying, "We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

What was it that we borrowed from them?

Their future was in our hands. Their safe future was in our hands.

From the time as parents that we brought them into the world our promise was made. Our promise to hold no tight to their hands; to hold on tight to their dreams; to hold on tight to their future.

Did we ever have the right to let them go? To turn away from the promise we had made? To releases their dreams? Or to abandon our hold on their safe future?

To leave them to solve problems for themselves; to leave them to solve problems we had inadvertently created? When was the time that we would say; sorry, sort it out for yourself? When we would say I no longer want to hold on tight?

In the book I gave a part of myself freely to those who would read it.

He picked up the book and read --

………..The problem we face is a self-imposed journey to oblivion or a change of direction, to one where we hopefully still have somewhere safe to live. Can we not liken our grave and desperate situation to a person sitting in a doctor’s office? The doctor says: “You are not going to like the news, you are very, very sick. The treatment and medicine to make you well again is going to make you even sicker than you feel at the moment. It is going to take a long time for you to get well. But, if you don’t take it, you will die. What would you like to do?”

There is a really hard choice here for you (the reader) to make. Your children or your grandchildren are going to die from what you and I have passed on to them. Do we leave it to them to suffer alone, taking very hard medicine and treatment to swallow and even then they may not survive, or do we take some of the preventative medicine for them now? Which parent when their child was ill or in pain, would not have wished we could have taken the pain from them onto ourselves? My youngest daughter Emma at age 19, after a massive, unexpected, and sudden asthma attack, could not breathe. By the time the ambulance was called and she was rushed to the hospital we had lost her twice. She had died. They revived her and she was in intensive care for quite some time. As we sat by her bedside in constant vigil over the next two weeks or so, there was not one thought or doubt in my mind that I would have willingly traded places with her in a heartbeat. I want my children to have the future I dreamed of for them, from the very moment my wife and I brought them into the world. How about you? How about you Mr. Prime Minister? How about you Mr. President? How about any political leader of any country on the planet? How about the wealthiest person on the planet? How about the poorest person on the planet?

Would any of us not give a kidney to our child if it meant they would live? Do we take some medicine for them now, or do we wait until they need to spend their lives on a dialysis machine or on life support?

Global Statesmen….Ask us the right question and you will have our answer. Ask us do we want to protect finite economic growth in gross domestic product for a short time into the future, or do we want short-term pain in precious GDP for the security and future of our children? I won’t vote you out of office and I don’t think the majority of the people who elected you to the honour of being our political leaders, would either. Should your legacy be as the leaders that led the world to collective genocide, or snatched life and victory from the hands of defeat? It’s your choice—no it’s our choice.
He put down the book.

From the time we brought our children into the world until the time we are taken from it; our pledge to hold on tight to them, to commit to them, to honour that Indian saying ‘we borrow the future from our children’ must be a sacred oath.

They say that God created the Heaven and the Earth and he placed it in our care. We must daily ask ourselves if we are doing everything we can to honour that pledge and the scared oath we have collectively made to our children. By seeing the creation of a safe future for our children as a self imperative we can change ourselves with small acts even now to build a future for them that is as it was, left to us by our ancestors.
performed by Taylor Penrose

Listen to her plea and give her your answer. Will you hold on tight or let her go?

Monday, May 18, 2009


New visitors to the chronicles from the future may first wish to visit the past, by reading the earlier hologramletters. (see the older listings on the right, go to the bottom and click the link to the earlier hologramletters)

NOTE The following is an adaptation from the soon to be released book ‘Letters From 2030’. To register interest on its release, or to order a copy email Bob Williamson via this link.

Awaiting a transmission or two while his communications system held up was something he looked forward to each day. Hoping that just one more person would be added to the number he was now exchanging messages with, this made the day a little more bearable. After a couple of hours of replaying transmissions over and over, which helped with the boredom and the perpetual loneliness, a new message came in. It was from Victor in the U.S., an old friend from years ago and someone he had lost touch with before everything fell apart.


Oh my God, am I glad to have found you. Things have really gone to hell in a handbag, haven't they? How are you doing? Where are you? I know, a lot of questions, but being in almost complete solitude is enough to drive one batty. Getting to that, I guess I better let you know, I lost my wife Patricia and our son Alex a couple of years ago. With no hospitals in service and no medical doctors to be found, getting ill is almost a death sentence now, and in their case, it was. It's amazing what we take for granted. When we had the doctors to go to, we would complain about the cost and how they were going to stick us with needles. And now, I would have given anything to have had a skilled physician at their bedside, to prick them with needles and poke them repeatedly, to make them healthy again. I lost them and I still deal with it daily.

He looked at Victor’s memory screen as he spoke of Alex and Patricia and saw them again playing happily in the fields behind their summer cabin….. What price now would we pay to return to those safe and happy days? What price should we have paid? …….he mused

I have to admit Bob; I didn't heed your warnings. Yes I read your book and supported what you were doing those many years ago; I even put in some solar powered lights and tried to cut back on the amount of unnecessary driving I was doing. I really did try to reduce my footprint on the global climate. Hell, I even printed out and signed some of those letters to the U.S. Congress. But like a lot of other people, I just didn't give it much thought other than how much of a nuisance “being green” was having on my everyday life. I watched the television series and the movies they made about the result of climate change and thought, “That'll suck, glad I won't be around for that shit!” Yeah, I thought I would get in the last laugh.

You know it never really hit me, even though it was repeatedly being said that, “our children would pay the price”. I just never thought I would have to live though all this and I definitely never paused to think about what my family would have to endure, were they still here. As the waters rose and the overcrowding started to happen, from the millions of people who lost their homes to the oceans new boundaries, I started to think back to all that you said. To everything that was said by thousands of others and that is when I really began to worry about climate change and its impact. Yes, sad but true, you did try to warn us all. Of course the overcrowding caused the diseases to run rampant and then there were the virus mutations. That’s what got Patricia and Alex, a mutated form of the West Nile Virus, it wiped out over one quarter billion people in the states before all was said and done, at least that's the estimate they are giving us. Flooding and stagnant pools of water became the breeding grounds for mosquitoes, hundreds of thousands, if not millions that started infecting everyone.

As the population started to decrease some of us thought it wise to get out while the getting out was good. About fifty others and I started out on a pilgrimage of sorts, to find a less crowded and definitely healthier environment. We left the city on one full tank of gas that, I don’t like to admit, we stole. The cities became a looters paradise, people simply became monsters. Yeah, I know all too well that you watch the movies and see people banning together to survive and that's what you would expect, don’t get me wrong I witnessed this. I also witnessed cruelty and barbarity unlike anything I had ever seen. Sometimes I find myself thanking God that my child didn’t have to finish living his life in this new world. I know that sounds harsh but you’ll do anything to protect your children and you would never want to see them in a position where they have to struggle just to survive.

Our small group started out hoping to find a less densely populated town or city to inhabit. I figured that once the gas ran out we could cover about one mile per hour and several miles per day on foot, and we did. We camped along the way, hunted, the living off the earth kind of thing that our ancestors did. Believe you me though, I was never much of a hunter but luckily we had a couple of guys that went on yearly hunting trips. They taught us all how to hunt or trap, fish, skin and prepare our wild game. It sort of feels good when you get to the point where you can provide for yourself, knowing you won’t have to go hungry just because the local grocery is closed down. Don’t get me wrong though, if the arches at the local McDonald’s were still lighting up, I’d be in line. Food has always been one of my weaknesses.

It only took us about six weeks to find a town that wasn’t overrun with people and that had a nearby “natural” water source. Not that we would find a working faucet in a building anyway. After things fell apart and people stopped showing up for work, the water systems that we all relied on, simply stopped working. With no people around to maintain them they eventually just shutdown on their own. We setup shop in a local office building and started going through the town looking for anything that could supply power. We picked up gas generators and solar power lawn accent lights, anything and everything that could be used to help us have power for lights and occasional transmissions. It was hard but I did convince the group to hold off on using the gas generators for a time when we would really need them. I used the fact that the gas powered generators were just one of many reasons why we were in the situation that we are now. Honestly that didn’t go over to well, but the possible emergency need did.

That brings me to the fact of your book; I found another copy of it in the local library here and began to reread it. Yes, I did read it the first time through, honest. I began sharing your knowledge with everyone here in a hope to help the people understand what caused this and what our responsibilities in the future will have to be. I'll be the first to say it, knowing it’s too late; we should have been paying attention to the climate problems long ago. Mankind can be arrogant and self righteous beyond logic, that's for sure. Your book provides a wealth of knowledge and I only hoped that I could help this group understand it and imprint on them the importance of the material. We need to pass it on to our children and their children so that mankind does not repeat the same mistake twice, if there is to be a second chance. From what I’ve seen and know though, mankind is becoming the endangered species.

I have to go now but in my next transmission I’ll tell you all about what happened with the group and how I came to be on my own. Hopefully I’ll be on full solar power by my next transmission to you. I've found some documents in the archives that I'm using to build a solar power tower of sorts. I've never really been any good at the mechanics of things, but I think I can follow these plans and work things out.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend,

“Tomorrow, my friend; I will reach out to you tomorrow. Patricia and Alex have never left you and your memories will ensure they never do.”

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


New visitors to the chronicles from the future may first wish to visit the past, by reading the earlier hologramletters. (see the older listings on the right, go to the bottom and click the link to the earlier hologramletters)

NOTE The following is an adaptation from the soon to be released book ‘Letters From 2030’. To register interest on its release, or to order a copy email Bob Williamson via this link.

The heat radiating from and on the windows seemed as if it would melt the glass. Summer in Perth, had once been a time to go out onto the beaches and enjoy the sun, the water and the afternoon sea breeze. They had called it the Fremantle Doctor as it would bring welcome relief on a hot summer’s day.

He remembered back to 2005 when he noticed the first effects of global warming. He had stopped his summer sunbathing around the family swimming pool where he lived back then. There was a discernable bite to the sun, even on a spring day when temperatures were pleasant. An extra sharpness that penetrated the skin could be felt from the sun. In those times there was only an additional 1 watt per square meter of thermal warming on the planet. Here in 2030 it was well past 2 watts and now that scientific monitoring no longer took place, it may have been even higher.

They gave little thought to these impacts back then, but the gradual rise had taken its toll on the parched soil, that had long since given up its carbon content adding yet one more positive feedback, to global warming. Billions more tonnes released into what he had coined in the book ‘The Sky Bank Carbon Account’. One more tipping point reached and then breached. Just one more outcome of mans folly.

He had left the monitors on today, as his photovoltaic cells were gladly accepting full charge. What a luxury given freely by the sun. Ironic, he thought, that with mans tampering of the natural balance, this free solar energy would lead the world to where it was now.

The panel lights flickered and Anthony’s greeting also warmed him.

Greetings Bob:

So, how does it go for you today? I hope you’re making progress on your power cells.

Things are starting to come together here. Thanks to you, Katey has come around. Now don’t get me wrong, we still have several issues of contention, but at least we can talk through them and her input is proving invaluable when it comes to making decisions. She’s quite possibly the smartest person I have ever met, and I’m sure this proves cumbersome to her at times. Why, having to deal with me is why?

I have been thinking a lot lately Bob, who should be left in charge when something happens to me. (A temporary successor until an election can be held.) After all, we are fortunate to have made it this far, you and I. What bothers me most is that there seems to be nobody who can straddle the opposing viewpoints of the group, no one who possesses the diplomatic ethos to elicit artful compromise. I may have to start some mandatory classes in conflict resolution. In fact, it is a good idea; you make for a great sounding board. LOL

People! How they frustrate me. This morning, however, at breakfast I lost it. The silence that filled that room amazed me. I couldn’t help myself Bob. Some people even now fail to comprehend what happened! Among The Others is a woman whose idea of work must have been dictating responsibilities to her staff. This in and of itself does not bother me. What gets under my skin is her constant yammering and carrying on at breakfast about her dreams! Once again, this morning, she was expounding upon what must be her favorite reflection into the past. She was wishing somehow that things would return too ‘normal,’ so she could return to her mountaintop cabin in Colorado. She has gone on and on about this log mansion with its twenty-seven rooms, three bathrooms, two kitchens and the carefully landscaped terraced hillside, where her staff worked to keep everything picture perfect. Apparently from listening to her, it was just her daughter and she that used this home. Yet the staff, who were allegedly housed in rather small cabins out of sight and out of mind, stayed there the year round maintaining everything. They even had a helicopter pad to bring in supplies. I guess the only other way in and out was a rather precipitous climb. I asked her once if the power supply was independent of the grid, or how they managed to run the place. Giggling she said, “Of course not silly, my husband was a hedge fund manager for a conglomerate of energy companies. We had lines ran up the mountain from the Denver Power Company. You could see the path straight down the mountain through the tree-line.”

Needless to say Bob, I don’t hang around this woman much. I lost it this morning, like I said. Throwing my coffee cup against the wall, I started yelling and screaming at her asking her if she failed to realize that it was blind self-serving indulgent fools, such as her and her husband, who created this current world she found herself in. Actually that was probably the nicest thing I said. I guess I went on for about ten minutes. At the end of which I just stood there glaring at her, as she stammered trying to find something to say. She started to cry, spun around and went running from the galley. Of course everyone was looking at me like I was a demon monster. Seriously although, I am amazed that even now, after having survived and lived through this nightmare, there are still people that will not acknowledge their part in the destruction of our species and the chaos we have caused within the cyclical patterns of Mother Earth.

I tell you Bob at times I envy you, alone in the solitude of the wastelands. You should be here and I there. You were always the one that preferred to be out in front. The one to mingle and mix with society. I on the other hand, had retreated from society shortly after the turn of the century, perfectly content to work the land and spend time in the river bottoms. Storing up my memories of them as I knew the landscape was about to change. I highly doubt now that the Iowa River carries a stream for the entire season. Has any of the timber managed to survive, doubtful? For several years every season I was blessed as foxes would make their dens in relative close proximity to my home. It was wonderful to see kit foxes playing in a pasture by their den, or out in the woods scampering over the landscape. Why, I ask you, why with all the voices that had awakened, why did humanity continue to plunder this planet for its own selfish comforts? We knew, and several writers cried forth alarms across the globe. The scientists of course knew first, they presented their findings, spoke until they were blue in the face. Some of them even lost it and could be found in the hollowed halls of our great civility, screaming at our pre-posthumous leaders to take immediate action. Yet, in the namesake of greed and complacency, in the shameful feckless fear of the status quo, they let the sixth great extinction event, manmade; roll unheeded without ever seriously attempting to stem the flow. How many species are now extinct? Back in 2009 they had predicted one-third would disappear unless we changed our course. This was based upon information that wasn’t up to par with the reality of what was happening. I’m just guessing of course, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we lost 80 percent of the higher life forms on the planet.

Yes, Rosa could bring up satellite imagery and let me see what the environs of my home look like. I would rather not witness that. In the stillness of sleepless nights and in the restless dreams I have, it is to my home and those river bottoms that I travel in my mind. Upon that old deck by the house and out in the orchard I walk and visit with family, friends and loved ones from the past; odd how the distance of time changes the reality of life. Now, I seem, too always win the debates standing there beside the garden, under the shade of the pear trees. It is through the faded memories of our past that we transform the tortured experiences of our lives into the cherished memories of the golden years. We forget the heat, the mosquitoes, the quarrels we had with friends and foes alike as they become conversations of civil discourse. I cherish these misconstrued recalls. They ground me in my current reality. I wonder although, with so few people left, does the past, through guilt, regret, or remorse drive many of the marauders in our collective mist to strike out upon the remnants of humanity?

So, I left the galley this morning and went down to Vicky’s lab, escaping from everyone else to tell you the truth. Hardly anyone comes into her lab, as she will go on and on about genetic sequences when you are there. With the exception of Katey and Rosa, no one here has a clue what she is talking about. I am sure it makes people feel uncomfortable, and well, stupid. I grew accustomed in life to being a latter day renaissance man, a poor example of a real one I might add. I found the state of the American educational system from the 1990's on, so sad. It was almost as if they were intentionally trying to create a society that lacked the ability to engage in critical thought. I became so irritated at times with so-called specialists, experts in their own field; however, without a diversity of knowledge they failed to apply their craft in an ethical/judicious manner. Yes, I was and still am bitter.

So anyway, there I was ranting and carrying on as Vicky was running tests. Occasionally she would throw in a ‘huh-huh, yep’, or ‘oh so true.’ Mainly I was there to vent. I didn’t really think she was actually listening to me, as when I respond like that I’m not paying attention to people. After getting myself all worked up again, over losing it on that poor woman, I ended up ranting about the Sixth Great Extinction Event. I was practically foaming why, why, why? She was looking at a display from an electron microscope or something and simply pointed to the wall. Gazing over there I saw a new quote she had posted. I loved the old one. I have to relay that to you first. Something I wish our members of society would’ve taken to heart. “I rarely ever quote; the reason is, I always think,” Thomas Paine.

The new quote she had up was from a book I had read four times. It was a great escape, a classic, and the time period was intriguing. So from War and Peace, Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi.

“In historical events great men – so called – are but the labels that serve to give a name to an event, and like labels, they have the last possible connection with the event itself. Every action of theirs, that seems to them an act of their own free will, is in an historical sense not free will at all, but in bondage to the whole course of previous history, and predestined from all eternity.”

With predestination a pillar of the Christian faith, I began to wonder about our little botanist! She anticipated my thoughts although, as I find many in the sci-squad are ahead of me, leading my thinking to conclusions or at least to avenues of reflective thought. You really have to admire and respect an intelligent woman, a weakness of mine. She said, “Leaving aside the concepts of free will and predestination, we have arrived at this point in human history. Despite the noble actions of so many voices/activists, group think carried mankind to this point of near extinction. In fact, I believe we are an endangered species, who may not survive long in the new epoch. Now is not the time to ponder why, now is the time for action.”

I thanked her, wrote down the quote and jotted down her words as well. I present them as a quote to you, although it is really just a paraphrased comment. I have been pondering upon the closing words in that quote. “...but in bondage to the whole course of previous history, and predestined from all eternity.” It makes me reflect upon Plato’s Timaeus and Critias, his depiction of the great city of Atlantis, echoed forth from the Academy. Are we somehow the new Atlantis, a replay of mankind’s foolish errors? Will the new epoch create a toxic brew of atmosphere that will retrograde our species sentient abilities, delude us of our mental capacity and regress us to tribal memories? Also, will this be better or worse than the marauders? I have no idea what the future will bring. Vicky however, with very few words has pushed me toward a new dedication. I will find and/or cultivate a new leader. Someone who, when I am ready to step down, will have the ability to play Kennedy, Kissinger, FDR and Theodore Roosevelt all in one.

I’m off to find the good Rev. Ted. It is about time. I have to have a little chat with this man. It’s scary, this role of leadership that the tides of life have thrust upon me. Most of my life was spent as a spectator of humanity making commentary upon the ebbing flows. Now, I question myself daily and cannot show it to those around me. I find myself at times being doctorial in nature, rationalizing that desperate times deserve desperate measures and remembering that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I did not ask for this, nor do I want it. We stand upon the cusp of a Brave New World, wish I had a copy of that book right about now, along with 1984.

Stay safe, and stay wise my friend.Winging it as always.Anthony.

LOL, I was once told “Anthony” meant fortress of faith. Oh when did I lose mine?

................There were deeper insights into Anthony’s thoughts than he had previously relayed. He was becoming more philosophical and reflective on the past, and on the future. He was becoming more resigned to his and the collective destiny of man that was now irreversible.

Anthony was, Bob thought, quite wrong about one thing...... he was indeed where he wanted to be...... alone.

He stepped back from the screen, and as if wanting to have Anthony hear his words but not, he said out loud:

“Anthony my friend, we are where we were destined to be, long ago. Too many others had made that choice no longer ours. For me though my friend, the time that I wanted to embrace the company of man, the close interaction with others, or the openness of direct contact has long since past.

Anthony, I was blessed as many never were, by sharing my life with a soul mate and kindred spirit. How fortunate I was and how much now is gone; makes this, the right place for me to be; alone. With your newfound understanding, I think, should I speak these feelings to you, you would understand. But Anthony; even though I speak them here to you now, where you cannot hear them, they will never be uttered to another living soul. The only one that can now hear the words of my heart... the only one who will hear them is...... my soul mate.”

Saturday, May 9, 2009


New visitors to the chronicles from the future may first wish to visit the past, by reading the earlier hologramletters. (see the older listings on the right, go to the bottom and click the link to the earlier hologramletters)

NOTE The following is an adaptation from the soon to be released book ‘Letters From 2030’. To register interest on its release, or to order a copy email Bob Williamson via this link.

Today there was a thickness to the air. He could see through his upper story windows the layers of pollution that hung over the flooded city. It was as if they had been individually and painstakingly laid out, one on top of each other. Unlike the smog haze that regularly filled the air in the first and second decades of the 21st century; the last century of man, that had been the result of millions of tailpipes spewing carbon into the lungs of the earth, this was the result of toxic fumes now lingering on windless days from the chemical plants and industrial complexes submerged along the inundated coastline. Contributing to the stagnant haze was the methane bubbling up through the waters from the landfill sites that were poorly sited in days gone by, in what were now permanent flood plains.

Suzanne’s letter and reflections brought back memories of his own; memories of May 1st 2009. A day he had celebrated quietly every year since. That was the day when a very dear friend lost his battle with the scourge of the 20th and 21st century, cancer. What had we done to cause this insidious plague to grip our way of life back then?

With our industrial systems we had turned our attention singularly to the use of fossil fuels. Our chemists, engineers, and scientists had manmade solutions to almost all our business as usual consumption, from plastics, to cosmetics, to drugs, and to the foods and preservatives we had ingested. All of these systems we could now see resulted in negative, damaging and catastrophic outcomes. Mother Nature could show us that she can take sodium (that explodes in contact with water) and chlorine gas (the yellow killing gas), and combine the two to make sodium chloride—salt, an essential component of life (2Na2+CL2 + 2xNaCL).

Why did we not follow in her direction in nature? Instead we combined our manmade creations into a cocktail of toxins in our bodies, in our food chain, in our industrial pollutants, and in our landfills to prepare a ticking time bomb.

We engineered ourselves into receptacles for harmful residual drugs. The face cream we used to moisten our skin and the petrochemical-based perfume we sweetened our bodies with combined to react with the preservatives in our food. We had created a positive feedback of our own so that cancer, leukaemia, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression were plaguing our lives more and more each year. We had used our alternative wisdom to genetically modify our crops and animals with toxins. Our chosen course had set us up to collide with thousands of other native species with whom we shared our planet and on whom we relied in order that we too may survive. Our disregard for the natural processes of nature set us on a course away, that those few that now survived had to find our way back from.

He switched on the memory screens to once more see his friend as he had been so long ago………………

Jeremy Robert Parker was his name. Jerry was born on the 24th of August 1947, only 62 years old when he passed; 15 years younger than Bob was now, in 2030.

Jerry was a soul who had left his mark. Not just for what he had done, but for those that remembered him, his sons.
Jerry had not fulfilled his dreams back then of becoming a professional musician, he had opted for the safer road to being a provider for his family, he had become an accountant. He still lived his dream whenever he could and entertained many with his music. Passionate as he was, he left the job of professional entertainment to others. So every year on May 1st he was again remembered for who he really was.

Jerry was a father…… a husband……… a dear friend. Jerry Parker was special.

What was it that touched us so deeply about someone we lost that we knew, but touched us not for those we didn’t? What was it about the humanity of man that could watch others in hurt and in pain, in peril or in danger, and not see that they were as with Jerry of infinite value to be honoured and praised? Cherished as if a family member; a family member of the family of man.

So what do we leave behind? What is it that makes our place and our being here noteworthy and lasting?

It is our children and their memories of us and in those whose paths we cross and touch, while we are here. What we did, what we contributed is our lasting legacy.

Not how much we had, not how we got it, but the way in which we did it.

So Jerry’s dreams were all fulfilled, with the deeds of those he taught, and with his sons. Jerry didn’t make his mark as a musician he did it as a father and as a role model. Jerry went on May 1st 2009 a long time ago now. Behind he left the commitment of his sons to his dreams. One short week later his youngest son Kevin and the band that would go on to become a world sensation ‘Tame Impala’ were awarded as the best up and coming new band in Australia. That night just a week after Jerry left, sent a spark that would have reignited the flame of pride that he felt for them while he was here.

So why was it he pondered that every parent hadn’t felt the same commitment for their children that he and Jerry felt for theirs? In 2030 it was now too late for the question to be asked and answered.

Still he reached into his memories for another long since gone, but never forgotten and he said; "I'll see you in my dreams"

Thursday, May 7, 2009


New visitors to the chronicles from the future may first wish to visit the past, by reading the earlier hologramletters. (see the older listings on the right, go to the bottom and click the link to the earlier hologramletters)

NOTE The following is an adaptation from the soon to be released book ‘Letters From 2030’. To register interest on its release, or to order a copy email Bob Williamson via this link.

What was it about memories that he found so hard? After all, there were many happy times to remember and these were as clear through the memory screens as those of the destruction and chaos that had taken place in the years after 2025.

Rosa’s letter, the day before had given him much to think about. Unlike him in the dimming twilight of his years, she was still only in her early 40’s. He had made a difference for her and where she had focused her life’s work. She at least had taken up the cause after reading the book in 2009.

Hers was another voice added to the parade of concern to the politicians at that time. But they, with their vested self interests and in the pockets of the powerful, succeeded in blindfolding the public from the inevitable outcome of living life with complacency.

How did they sit there each day in front of their plasma screen televisions and watch the deaths of millions from lack of clean drinking water? Did they know that to produce each New York Yankees T-shirt took 550 gallons of water; and their designer label jeans they wore back then, consumed enough to save hundreds from dieing of thirst at 2,390 gallons for a single pair of jeans? How many pairs hung in the wardrobes of those that did not need them?

Who knows now what was in the thoughts and in the minds and in the hearts, of those that could have made a difference; made a change?

He set his thoughts on happier memories. Today he must return to hope. There is still much to do, still much to contribute; still much to fight for.

The incoming transmission light flickered to life…………Life was still struggling to keep a foothold for the future, albeit for the future of a few, not billions. They were gone and the family of man was worst for their passing.

It was the smiling face of Suzanne that now greeted him.........


I've been spending some time these last few days reflecting on the past. Lost in my thoughts, I found myself turning to your book, "Zero Greenhouse Emissions: The Day the Lights Went Out" for, in my own way, comfort and solace -- it was there for me as always, waiting quietly on my desk to be picked up and read yet again. You wrote something that even then was a question constantly growing and becoming at that time, almost an inescapable image of desolation at what the future held in my mind. As I started to read these first few words I knew there was hope; "Much of what has been written about man’s activities and their impact on the environment and atmosphere has been put in terms that the common man has had some difficulty understanding." I wanted to learn so much more, it became an insatiable quest for knowledge about what could be done to UNdo man's indiscretions, desecration and consumption of the earth's finite resources; to, as you said, "undo the errors of the past practices." I was struggling back then to process and understand all I was learning, becoming frustrated at the turn of every page, search of website after website, by terminology and scientific reports.

It was this very moment I knew I had found my way... enlightened with the understanding I'd been so desperately searching for. Over a decade of anxieties washed away as I read the introduction and those opening words. I started from the beginning as I always do, got to your paragraph about "the throwaway society we have [had] designed for ourselves, which has the potential to leave [left as we know now] a very negative outcome for future generations" - I had to laugh out loud remembering a discussion we had when our "brat pack" was doing the voice conferencing calls. I know you'll remember it, discussing our throwaway society was always a heated topic, especially the packaging. One item we all despised was the damned plastic bags! Don't worry I won't get in my soapbox about them today...

He laughed and said out loud ‘Ah yes; and I remember how shocked you were when I told you there were and estimated 11billion plastic bags used around the world every day. With over 14 billion used every year in the United States alone. What we could have done for the cause to enlighten people back then, if the $4 billion that the retailers in the US spent on giving away free plastic bags had been available to us? I remember your sadness too when I told you that in each square mile of ocean; there were an estimated 46,000 pieces of plastic causing the deaths of 100,000 marine animals each year.’
He pondered then as he did now ….why were we so thoughtless and why did we think our children would act any differently with the example we had set for them by our actions?

Reflecting on so many things from back then, the facts were all there. They were clear even in the 1980s, 90s and blatantly prominent in the early 2000s; yet the politicians, corporations, and most people in nations around the world at that time refused to listen. Like so many other issues, they didn't want to admit there was a problem. The few who would refused to take action; the even fewer that were taking action did not get the support they needed to make a difference. Still the same question screams out at me -- Why??? They knew it was important, they just didn't feel it was significant enough! If any of those politicians survived... do they think there's significance now???

I wonder if you remember this quote from a movie back then: "These past few weeks have left us all with a profound sense of humility in the face of nature's destructive power. For years we operated under the belief that we could continue consuming our planet's natural resources without consequence. We were wrong." That movie was supposed to be fiction -- now it's fact -- and happened almost as fast as it did in the movie. They were trying to send the message about climate change, but again, it was just a movie - things don't really happen like they do in the movies... or do they??? I used to cry every time I watched it, not because it was sad, but because I wanted so desperately for people to wake up and see the reality of the world we were living in and make the changes we needed - before it was too late.

It reminds me of science classes when I was in school, was anyone really paying attention? We had to learn it, we had to pass the course to get our credits and graduate so we could go to college or move on in life. Why did so few not feel it was important?

When I was a girl, my Dad worked for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and one of the things he was responsible for as Chief of the FSS was monitoring weather and regular meteorology updates. When I was 16 I went to work at the FSS (Flight Service Station) with him doing some light secretarial work. He had me filing and coordinating reports, and as he knew I would, I began reading them and asking questions... what did this mean? why would this be needed? how does this affect us? I was always asking questions...

Dad taught us the value in reusing, recycling, nurturing the earth; we always had gardens for fresh vegetables and fruits, a compost pile where we recycled biodegradable waste and enriched the soil in future seasons - we were "ahead of our time" so to speak. Dad really knew how important it was to respect and care for nature, and how Mother Nature would do her best in different situations to try and bring balance where there was unrest - he instilled that knowledge in me. Mom would shake her head and smile when we would talk about storms sometimes late at night, watching the lightening through the windows. I used to ask how long the storm was going to last, he would tell me that Mother Nature will keep the storm going until it's course has helped the area She was working on to regain balance. It was funny (odd) to me when I heard that same reference mentioned in the beginning of that movie - do you remember it yet? - but when the changes occur faster than Mother Nature can balance, more drastic results occur - just as in the movie and in a matter of days the world was thrown into another ice age - what have we thrown ourselves into here?

I cherish my reflections, times looking back, it means I'm able to be here and continue to try to help Mother Nature to heal. So many before us had tried in vain to demonstrate to the world the 'storm' that would come, that would only continue to worsen until nature could find its balance once again - no matter what the consequence to changes in the face of the earth, the shifts of the polar caps, the ice shelves breaking off into the oceans, ice bridges collapsing into the seas. Even in 2009 when we were screaming to the world to wake up and make changes, the what seemed to me more sudden and vastly increasing in number reports of the collapses - it was everywhere in the news feeds, all the reports you shared with me, and you taught me about the greenhouse gas emissions levels that were already far exceeded to those which had been predicted in the years and decades before. Still "they" didn't listen, still we continued to plead.

Against all odds, and in the face of extreme adversity, humanity has survived, though exponentially reduced in population, we are still here.

Today as with every day that I awaken and still have breath in my lungs, there is still cause for hope, optimism, and simply, to smile. I am still here, still with the will and determination thru even my own solitude to continue to reach out and enlighten those who remain, to share what we have learned and to make a difference.

We are here for a reason Bob, and that reason comes with a purpose. We must continue with the spirit and dedication to life - for us - for our children - and our children's children, and on and on.

There is still hope in this heart...

He paused the hologram and fixated on the image on his screen. As she always had, Suzanne continued to smile, not only with her expression on her face, but with the sparkle of her eyes you knew it was in her heart - ever the optimist. Bob too found himself smiling as he resumed the transmission...

I know my dear friend in time our beloved earth will heal. Let's continue our work and help Mother Nature!

As always ~ ever in friendship,


There was a true crusader for Mother Earth…………… she would be there; still fighting and still with hope.

Friday, May 1, 2009


New visitors to the chronicles from the future may first wish to visit the past, by reading the earlier hologramletters. (see the older listings on the right, go to the bottom and click the link to the earlier hologramletters)

NOTE The following is an adaptation from the soon to be released book ‘Letters From 2030’. To register interest on its release, or to order a copy email Bob Williamson via this link.

He had been able to leave his communication system on now for several hours as he replayed and watched the memories of Randell as the Bald Eagle of his past did once more fly over Independence Virginia. If only Randell could see what he could on his memory monitors; it would fill that part of his heart that yearned for 2022 when the last eagle had finally become extinct.

The incoming transmission caught him by surprise. He knew her face from Anthony’s hologramletters when he had found her crying see where he was now incarcerated in isolation on the other side of the world.
She had addressed it formally to him.

Jan. 12th 2030:

To: Bob Williamson
Author Activist
ZERO Greenhouse Emissions -The Day the Lights Went Out – Our Future World

From: Rosetta Effloresco (Rosa)
Alpha Leader Project Eden
Alaska Division

Mr. Williamson:

I am a great fan of yours. Your writings helped to change my life. During my freshman year in college, New Orleans was once again hit by a storm surge generated by hurricane Kathy, the eleventh out of fourteen hurricanes that season. It had become rather a vogue fashion for the more affluent collegians to assist in humanitarian actions as the surges were becoming a frequent occurrence, a means to padding one’s future resumes you see. One evening after my friends had retreated to a campfire to drink and pat each other on their backs, I was sitting alone when the full impact of the devastation and horror that these people were facing dawned upon me for the first time. The assistant Professor of our group came over and set down beside me. I remember it like it was yesterday, as he put his arm around me and said “It is enlightening and depressing when the scales of polite society fall away from one’s eyes.” He then handed me a well-read copy of your book. I devoured it. The next semester, to the disgust of my family I changed my business executive major to paleoclimatology, and have never looked back upon the narrow-minded viewpoints of materialistic society. So, I write to you today rather perplexed as project Eden has gone off track and I find myself somewhat lost for solutions. I have spoken with Anthony and know you two worked together in the past. So, let me explain to you what project Eden is all about.

First however, the other night Anthony invited Patricia and me to have dinner with him and discuss what role we would allow for faith-based practices (preaching) to have at the compound. This was another one of his subterfuges, as he operates by a feint within a feint, very irritating to say the least. If he just came out and said what was on his mind, as opposed to trying to control the situation. Don’t get me wrong. The people here elected him as the primary leader, for now. He set up the triumphant of power between the civilian, science and militant positions. Actually, he is a good leader. I get this feeling although that he would rather be a hermit on a hill. He is fine in small groups or leading a large discussion. Other than that he seems to melt into the background when four or more people collect. Often when I, or Jay, his son, are conducting meetings, we look around to get his input and he’s gone only to be found later wondering around in a horticulture lab tending to the plants, and of course wanting a full report on what happened. Like I said, he is a weird man and very infuriating!

So anyway sir, can I call you Bob, it is almost as if I know you? Having fixed us an outstandingly seasoned vegan meal, why he still eats meat, I have no idea! He offered to carry out the dishes to the galley. Before he left however, he mentioned that he and you were in contact and had been old associates back in the first decade of the century. He wanted to share a transmission with us from you. That manipulator had this set up, as you came on, speaking to Katey/Patricia, she turned pale. I of course know who she is. All of us with Project Eden have alternate personas and were supposed to employ them whenever we encountered outsiders. When we met the J-Squad, we were actually on a rescue mission trying to convince our doctor to come back to the compound and do her work here. She had set up a clinic at Juneau and was helping those who struggled north. With regret we found her, the marauders had visited her and well, she was a comely woman. We found ourselves set upon by marauders and were very happy that Anthony and his group came along. With all the stress of the moment and losing Doc, Katey was the only one who kept her senses about her and switched to the alternate persona when introducing herself.

So, there you were blowing her cover so to speak. She stormed out of the room with me right on her heels to calm her down. There, in the hall, outside the door stood Anthony. Katey glared at him, slapped him across the face and stormed off. “Well, that went better than I thought,” he said. “Please, we have things to discuss Rosa, come back in and let’s talk.” After a lengthy discussion I agreed to speak with Katey in the morning. I do agree. We should all put our cards on the table and Anthony needs access to everything that this project has to offer.

Project Eden: Well, how to give you a condensed version of what this is all about. Late in 2009 after the Copenhagen meeting on climate change, it became apparent to many leaders around the globe that Abrupt Climate Change would overtake humanity unless a technical solution could be found, as finger pointing and criticism were the only things the representatives had in common. (Now we know how the geoengineering project turned out, it expedited the process.) So, drastic times deserved drastic measures as they say. It was determined that five locations around the globe would be turned into bunkers that could, if needed, attempt to reseed the planet. Conspiracy theorists could’ve never concocted such a plan. Number one, the sites had to already exist, underground and at elevations that would remain dry in the advent of a 120-foot sea level rise. The original number was 300 feet, but five such sites could not be found. The HAARP complex, a military-industrial compound was picked for the Americas. The other four are in Norway, the Himalayas, Switzerland, and the Vehoyanak Range. Two of these are of course located in the badlands. The remaining three are located well above the 45-degree latitude line, as it was speculated that Abrupt Climate Change would usher in an ancient weather pattern that many paleoclimatologists believe once existed. So far this pattern is holding, the atmospheric climate patterns over the poles maintain a very liveable atmospheric condition. Of course the oceans are still churning and mixing; Cyanobacteria blooms are evidence of this. We can be grateful that we don’t have the high sulphuric rains here that the badlands suffer through.

The overall mission of Project Eden was to help any survivors indirectly, establish a new foundation upon which humanity could repopulate the globe. The means to do this was through sustainable Earth First Practices of husbandry and somehow engender Earth First Principles within the surviving population. It was much easier when discussed in principle with a power point presentation. We complained about the usage of GM organisms for this project. But we soon came to realize that if the new weather patterns established, crops that could adapt to the new lighting conditions would have become imperative. So a project was launched, Viki was already researching this field and was recruited for the team to modify vegetables that could self pollinate like Orchids, some limited success has been achieved. Katey works on a secret bee project in one of the off limit tunnels. We have managed to release some bees for the last three years and they have succeeded in pollinating the vegetables we have put out.

All of the Eden Compounds consist of five female professionals; a paleoclimatologist, botanist, biochemist and a doctor. The fifth member could come from any discipline of study as long as they excelled at fighting for the cause of environmental principles. Katey fills this position here. These individuals were trained to be the security specialists for the individual compounds. They were to act as the group conscious, the voice of Gaia in the ear of the leaders, the paleoclimatologists of Project Eden.

We were to either recruit from the survivors and train people as our replacements find mates and raise children to carry on, or move forward with artificial insemination, as the compounds have in storage semen from some of the leading minds upon the globe. In reality of course things work out differently. As I have stated, we have lost our doctor. She revolted against so many of the plans almost right from the start. I believe the lost of so much of humanity and seeing the victims of the plagues, the millions of lives that were lost here in Alaska, were too much for her to bare. I only hope the other four compounds are having better success with the plan.

So, here I am, stuck with what I consider an antisocial leader of a group of militants and a rag tag collection of individuals. They, the others as Anthony calls them, are hardly the pick of humanity. Viki has had difficultly training some of them to hand pollinate, not a difficult task. I have felt rather helpless since we lost Doc. It is my hope, Mr. Williamson; Bob, that you can act as a second voice of reason for me. Maybe together we can bring Katey back to the program as well. Since shortly after the J-Squad got here she has been at odds with me. I think somewhere in her past is a fallen soldier, someone, that has caused her pain and distrust of anything militant. Perhaps it is only a scientist’s rejection of violence. I don’t know.

What I do know is this. We could’ve never envisioned such a world as we have created, together with Anthony, Katey, Jay, myself; and hopefully you from a distance. We can still achieve some good in helping to mould a better world, a better humanity.

With my profound respects.

Rosetta (Rosa) Effloresco
Project Eden Leader:
Alaskan Division.

More to occupy his thoughts, more issues form isolated survivors to give him puzzles to solve. How could he be of help and what should be his guidance and direction be?

Had he been wise to have risked causing conflict within the HAARP colony by identifying Patricia as Katey. Only time would now tell.