Friday, July 17, 2009


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NOTE The following is an adaptation from the soon to be released book ‘Letters From 2030’. To register interest on its release, or to order a copy email Bob Williamson via this link.

February 2030.

He stood there knowing there were others with hopes and dreams; with stories to tell of their lives over the troubled years of the second and third decades of the 21st Century.

He turned to the monitors to send out a broadcast to any that would receive his hologramletter.

Today would be a day to reach out to those who were not in directed contact, or needed to tell their story of challenge, inspiration and survival in an isolated world of change. He turned the gauge to its maximum transmission power to reach across the world as it now was, and said:

Who is out there? Is there anyone out there?

Send me your ‘message in a bottle’, so that I might hear ‘your story’ of now and make contact.

This is a very special letter in the series where you can leave your comment (your message in a bottle) as to your thoughts of now and how they may be in 2030. What may become the reality of all our futures in 2030?
Please leave here YOUR ‘Message in a bottle’


  1. It seems like there isn't time to do what needs to be done, or to say what is needed to be said. Your posts have a message that have made me stop and think about the way I do things. I now think about what needs to be done and do it - instead of wondering what will happen if I don't.

    Thanks for your efforts. My family is already living "smarter" and getting back to nature.

    JJ in SLC

  2. Your YouTube posting was touching. My message would be not to give up hope that we will make the changes before we get to 2030

  3. The writer Bob Williamson can be contacted at his personal email address