Saturday, March 21, 2009

Many questions to ask – Why did we hate our children and theirs?

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January 5th 2030.

My friends.

As you know, my power supply is very limited not permitting much time for transmissions. I have been working on increasing collection and capacity and soon will be able to spend more time to answer your questions to me.

Today, I need and ask for your help, and thoughts.

For several years I have been troubled with the question as to why we collectively avoided the human morality we were blessed with. Why did we hate our children and theirs?

As I remember and reflect on my own awakening, more pressing becomes the question, "When did our collective humanity loose our desire for life?" I can't help but continue to ask myself, "When was that date? When was that time in our collective human awareness when we said, 'We do not care for our children; theirs; mine and yours?'”

Maybe there were many dates that could be said that; that was the time. That was the turning point when we stopped caring. That was the date when we failed the future. When we gave up when we said, “let’s all go shopping instead.”

What price then, did we put on the life of a single child? On the life of mine, on the life of yours and on the life of others, and when did it happen? Can you help me answer this question? It has haunted me now for many years.

When was the date we relinquished all care for our children and theirs to others? Others that cared not for your child, mine or others put in harms way, those that focused not on human safety, or the infinite survival of man, but on greed, power and protection, of their vested commercial and political interests. At what date did we complacently evolve into not caring for our children; theirs; mine and yours?

Was it in the first decade of the 21st century? Had something external, cosmic or terrestrial occurred at midnight on December 31st 1999? Was that the date?

Was it with Kyoto in 1997 that we started trading human life for continuing with our addiction to consumption at the cost of our children?

Was it at Copenhagen in December 2009, when we started to trade our children’s lives? Or was it earlier?

Was it in late 2008 and throughout 2009 / 2010 where the economic crisis as they called it, was seen of more concern than the lives of our children, mine; yours; and theirs?

As you can plainly see, I have been vexed with these questions for many years now. My awakening was at my 17 year old daughter Emma’s bedside in February of 1999 when after a massive, unexpected, and sudden asthma attack, could not breathe... by the time we had called the ambulance and it arrived, with sirens blaring and lights flashing she was rushed to the hospital; we had lost her twice. She had died; she was revived and in intensive care for quite some time. As we sat by her bedside in constant vigil over the next two weeks or so, there was not one thought or doubt in my mind that I would have willingly traded places with her in a heartbeat. I would have traded my life. My wife and I wanted our children to have the future we dreamed of for them, from the very moment we brought them into the world. For me, this never changed.

Do you remember yours?

We now know, all did not have an awakening, or we would not be; where we now are.

Would we could, return to that date, we would surely want to change the future we have left for our children to inherit. Wouldn’t we?

Wouldn’t we, now looking back with 20/20 hindsight have risen up as a single human voice; a voice of collective humanity demanding a safe future?

Wouldn’t we now looking back with 20/20 hindsight have taken the power to change to a safe future away from those that didn’t care for our children, mine; yours; and theirs?

Did I fail Emma? Did you fail those you loved? Did they fail theirs? What was the date?

We knew the price of everything, but the cost of nothing.

What was the date, and what was the price we put on our children, mine; yours; and theirs?

You may not be able to answer my questions, at least my problems shared are my memories aired.

Until tomorrow ….Stay safe – stay indoors. Much hope to you all.


  1. We failed with our complacency and the dates were many with the decisions not to act by our global political masters for their nearsighted pursuit of today without regards to our tomorrows.

    Bob your message is strong and needs to heard by all – keep the fight – we need environmental warriors such as you, before the final bell tolls for us all.

  2. The climate changings are happening rapidly. However, consumed with the trite issues of daily life, people fail to look around them. They prefer to live in the comfort of a lie, that all is well.

    Mt. Redoubt volcano has errupted today in Alaska. Events such as these will mask the reality of climate change by offsetting global temperature rise. Thus encourging the naysayers, status quo manipulators, and those to busy to care from realizing the truth.

    Drastic change is needed fast, as the bell is sounding and tolling for us even as read this blog.

  3. We live in a political system where individuals and corporations can legally buy influence and this tests leaders' character and will to follow empirical evidence versus turning their backs and passing it on to the next generation. Unfortunately we don't have the luxury of passing it on to one more generation this time.

  4. corporations are protected by the constitution and they can wreck havoc w/o concience nor personal ramifications. -most distressing with terrible long term, global significance.